An Attempt at a Photography Blog

Every picture taken by somebody who looks, acts, sounds, thinks, and seems a whole lot like me, myself, and I. Not too fond of Tim in Ruislip, and yet to save Latin.


Book of watercolors and Sutphin Boulevard. 

Cigar-smoker, window-leaner, sax-player, subway-dancer. 

Curvy straight lines of West 4th Street station.

Behind your back: shoppers. 

Instagrams and realities. 

Walking to Bushwick at sunset. 



Order and disorder? Or disorder and order?

Van Cortlandt Park and Greenwich Village.

'Life' in the city. 

Zebras and armchairs: 126th St. and 8th St. 

Farewell to Manhattan: inside and out.

40 St - Lowery and Car 2041, the IRT Flushing Line. 

Where are we going, anyway?

Where are we going, anyway?

Being a boring tourist from a different perspective: the Freedom Tower and the Brooklyn Bridge.

So long, Vincent. 

The late 5 Pointz, Queens.