An Attempt at a Photography Blog

Every picture taken by somebody who looks, acts, sounds, thinks, and seems a whole lot like me, myself, and I. Not too fond of Tim in Ruislip, and yet to save Latin.

Tagged subway car, 207th Street Yards.

Boarded building, Jamaica.

Washington Heights and Tribeca.

Coppers at a street fair, Washington Heights.

Coppers at a street fair, Washington Heights.

Various people walking, Bedford-Stuyvesant. 


Book of watercolors and Sutphin Boulevard. 

Cigar-smoker, window-leaner, sax-player, subway-dancer. 

Curvy straight lines of West 4th Street station.

Behind your back: shoppers. 

Instagrams and realities. 

Walking to Bushwick at sunset. 



Order and disorder? Or disorder and order?

Van Cortlandt Park and Greenwich Village.

'Life' in the city. 

Zebras and armchairs: 126th St. and 8th St.