An Attempt at a Photography Blog

Every picture taken by somebody who looks, acts, sounds, thinks, and seems a whole lot like me, myself, and I. Not too fond of Tim in Ruislip, and yet to save Latin.

Behind your back: shoppers. 

Instagrams and realities. 

Walking to Bushwick at sunset. 



Order and disorder? Or disorder and order?

Van Cortlandt Park and Greenwich Village.

'Life' in the city. 

Zebras and armchairs: 126th St. and 8th St. 

Farewell to Manhattan: inside and out.

40 St - Lowery and Car 2041, the IRT Flushing Line. 

Where are we going, anyway?

Where are we going, anyway?

Being a boring tourist from a different perspective: the Freedom Tower and the Brooklyn Bridge.

So long, Vincent. 

The late 5 Pointz, Queens. 

Morning commute in two pictures: East Village-East Harlem. 

[Trivia: The city’s “Subway” signs were mostly centered until the early 80s, when their font was changed and they were left-aligned. The remaining signs (their days numbered, replacement planned) give the stations a symmetry that’s missing from the newer ones.]

Young people in Greenwich Village. 

On the night that Daylight Saving Time ends, the clocks of the people and the clocks of the city remain an hour late. The mechanisms of the notoriously sleep-averse town seem to make the same mistakes as bewildered watch-wearers. The streetlights turn on long after the sun has begin to set, and consequently New Yorkers find themselves on bewilderingly dark shadowed streets. But above the shadows, plastered on the roofs of buildings not eclipsed by even taller buildings, the last orange-tinted light of the day still clings on.  

People climbing things to look at the latest Banksy.